I like goils

by Type O Negative

Forget the jar of vaseline
Hey rich-bitch boy I´m not gonna be your queen
And yeah,
You can drool, beg me and hope
There´s no damn way I´m playing drop the soap
I know I´m strange but I ain´t no queer
So take your rage and disappear
But I´m proud not to be PC
´Cause -

I like goils (x3)
Bad goils all over this world

Now I don´t know whose ass you´ve licked
No shit-tongued boy will ever taste my dick
He says:
"How ´bout no sex - we´ll just be friends"
Hey no thanks Pal, I´ll stick with lesbians
You´re Right!
A sexist pig, I guess it´s true
(I hate all men including you)
I don´t care what you think of me


I´m quite flattered that you think I´m cute
But I don´t deal well with compacted poop
So look,
If my views make you annoyed
You´re just jealous I don´t have hemorrhoids
So now,
To make it clear that you can´t bone me
My tattooed ass reads "exit only"
I don´t care much for sodomy

Chorus (x2)


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