by Uh Huh Her

Oh love, what did you do to my heart?
Cause it stains
And I would love to let it go

Oh you, you make it look so sweet
It hurts
And I am not the same

Oh I can´t escape anymore
I have to let it go

Oh I can´t do this anymore
Just have to let it go

I wanna break free
Walk under a blue sky

Oh give me what I need
Cause I´ll go sooner or Later

Oh love, look at my bleeding heart
Cause it stains
And we´re not the same
Never fall out of line
Oh you won´t let it lie
Cause there´s a war going on in your head
And it´s winning so far

Please don´t leave me alone
I know we´re not the same, we´re not the same

Disdain, Disdain


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