Swan song

by Unwritten Law

Well the telephone rang but I missed the call
Cause I was to busy out trying to break the law
Only 19 but I knew it all
Two bad tattoos and an attitude problem

I seen the sun go down in the Westside
I´ve taken one or two home for a test drive
It ain´t what I need it´s about what I want
And I don´t want to take it no more

This could be the end
I´m not holding on
I can´t go on any longer
So listen close my friend
I may be moving on
Please just think of me now when I´m gone
Yeah This is the swan song

When the curtain falls at the concert hall
I´ll be writing my number on the bathroom wall
For a good time call me anytime you want
But I may not listen ´cause I heard it all

This is a swan song
Come on sugar sugar do you wanna ride?
This is a swan song
[?] then I got the time
This is the swan song
I know I said it already but that was last night
And I don´t wanna take it no more


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