My lighthouse

by Villagers

You are needing a friend
For to follow, for to fend
And I haven´t got a clue
If I´m getting through to you
My lighthouse

In the violent moonlight
I am searching the tide
In a vessel, in the storm
And you´re the kind host in the port
My lighthouse

And we´ll be there to right our wrongs
In the time it took to write this song
And we´ll beat the ghost with our bare hands
And we´ll skin the corpse and we´ll love and laugh
And we´ll dance all everlasting day
And you´ll sing to me everything I meant to say
And we´ll drink to the gentle, the meek and the kind
And the funny little flaws in this earthly design
From the Reeperbahn to the Sundarban
I will heed your call from the dust and sand
And I´ll save all my stories for thee


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