To be counted among men

by Villagers

Young Paul decides upon a future
And he asks from her a favor
He wants to know if she will tell him
If he´s for Hell or he´s for Heaven

If he´s for Hell he´ll show no sorrow
Until he´s born again tomorrow
If he´s for Heaven there´s no reason
To lament the passing season

She says, Don´t be a fool, son
There aren´t any rules, son
And as she spoke
He lost his faith

He asked her name, she told him Laurie
Proceeded to give him her life story

She was a teacher and a scholar
They built a statue in her honor

Then she became a slave in ancient Athens
She doesn´t know quite how it happened

Now she paints faces in the city
Making all those ugly girls look pretty

She says, Look at this town, son
Take a good luck around, son
Why should anyone here be saved?

So he says, Every crooked lane that you can see
Every open home, every hollow tree
Is a home for creatures loved by me
And oh to be counted among them
Among them
Oh to be counted among them
Among them
Oh to be counted among them


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