I walked with a zombie

by Wednesday 13

I´m damned if I voodoo and I´m dead if I don´t, kick the crypt and baby walk with me
And we´ll find a new place to haunt, now the dead can´t die if they´re not alive
I´ve got one walking by my side, it´s a curse, a hex, tell me what comes next, tie the noose around my neck

See you in the graveyard at midnight...
Such a horrifying delight...
Your ice-cold touch it feels so right, and just last night...

I Walked With A Zombie

Her stare is so demanding and her groans are so commanding
she makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop
with my head on the butcher block, you´re the only one for me, I´m in love with a decomposing zombie
Beauty´s on duty in this horror movie, make me spill my guts with just one touch

She makes me do everything she wants me to do, and that´s okay with me becuase I´m walking with a zombie!


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