Satisfied in suffering

by While She Sleeps

What a life, what a fucking war
I left my greed outside, Hung my hopes at the door.
No religion means no wishing on nothing, never a broken promise.
No hope for the hopeful, Let´s give it all and take it back from the masses,
Let their guilt take a seat with their sadness.
We´re all better off, it´s clear in the dust. We´re not giving this up
I lay my head in the gutter where the sinister rest.
I find faith in sickness and death.
Hold me down keep me bottled up, we´re strong enough.
If you´re sick of feeling useless, sick enough to do this.
If honesty gets the better of me, I´m satisfied in suffering
If you hate the hand you hold, but you hate to be alone
Stop blaming the sadness you gave in to.
We´ve been burdened all along.
When all that you have is all that you´ll ever know. Are you living?
This is from the bottom I don´t want to admit.
But I can see the safety in admitting defeat,
This is not a problem or a promise I´ll break
It´s just another ghost I know I´ll never erase.
I see the safety in giving this up, I see the safety but it´s never enough.


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