The seeds of chaos

by Whyzdom

We The People we´ve been so proud
Of our cherished freedom
We The People we claim our right
To spoil the riches of this world
We The People we are so sure
Of our convictions
While the Earth is bleeding

But anger is roaring in Mother Nature´s heart
Chaos is just waiting to spread over the land
The time has come to reap what has been sown
By Humankind

We The People we´ve been hiding
Behind a wall of lies
We burn candles
To ease our conscience

Why are you closing your eyes?

Is there a god watching us
Spoiling the beauty of his Earth?
Can you hear him crying?

The Devil´s laughters are filling up the skies
A whirlwind is howling to celebrate the rise
Of Mother´s Earth righteous wrath
And the fall of God

Blood! Anger!
Blood! Anger!


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