Baltimore's fireflies

by Woodkid

What are the words that I´m supposed to say?
Your white skin, swirling fireflies.
Darkness has surrounded Baltimore bay.
Why don´t you open your blue eyes?
Are they things that water can´t wash away?
How can your absence leave no trace?
As I let you sink in Baltimore bay.
I drown myself deep in disgrace.

What is the price, am I supposed to pay?
For all the things I try to hide?
What is my fate, am I supposed to pray?
That trouble´s gone with the sunlight?

A warm sun rises and ignites the bay.
I come back home and start to cry
I´ll never come back to Baltimore bay.
Try to forget the fireflies.
What are the words that I´m supposed to say?
If someone knew about this lie?
If your body rises to the surface?
Through the silence of fireflies


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