Teleport 2 me


[Verse 1]
Getting in from the airport, you getting in from the study group
The only thing missing at this point
Is bona fide chillin time with you
I can´t stand the times when I´m alone at night
And I feel your side of the bed and it´s cold
Wide awake, I don´t know the time
Cause I´m too busy texting you on my phone

I want you girl, I need your body right here
Won´t you teleport to me?

[Verse 2]
You call out to me through the light
I know you must be close
The moment when I realize it´s all in my mind
The moment I hate the most
Somebody help me out, does anyone care?
Can anyone hear me? Is there anyone there?
I´m over the loneliness and I can´t close my eyes
Without you by my side



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